CrossView's Tuition Camps are for churches or ministries who will pay for their Campers (whether by 1) charging the Campers' families or by 2) partially or fully covering the cost themselves). At a Tuition Camp, CrossView provides the following for 36 Campers and 4 Volunteer Counselors: lodging, food, scheduled activities (the schedule is jam-packed with fun), prizes for winners of the Camp Contest, t-shirts, background checks on Volunteer Counselors, and SAPT training materials for Volunteer Counselors. Teachings, devotionals, and worship are optional (for no extra charge), or you can do your own. Two-, three-, four-, and five-day camps are available. See Tuition Camp Brochure (link below) for pricing and more information. 

Tuition Camp Camper Registration Form

Camper Rules

Packing List (for Campers & Counselors)

Camper Safety Brochure

Camper Letter

Visitor Policy

Tuition Camp Brochure

Tution Camp Contract

Volunteer Counselor Application

Counselor Brochure

Counselor Rules

Counselor Letter

SAPT Curriculum

SAPT Worksheet


Exclusionary Prior Offenses